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Event Detail For:
Early Morning Madness


Organising Group South Waikato Indoor Pools 
Venue SW Indoor Pools, Roslin Street, Tokoroa 
Location (Town) Tokoroa
recurring Event This is a Weekly event and occurs every 1 week(s) on the following weekdays: Tuesday Thursday Friday
There is no end date set for this recurring event. Assume the event will be ongoing until further notice.  
Start Time 6:00 AM 
End Time 7:00 AM  Is this an approximate end time: No
Cost Pool entry applies 
Event Information For people who:
Want to see the sun come up
Go to bed early
Can't sleep in
Start work early
Love their breakfasts
Want to live longer
Fit more into their day
Are crazy
Will give Richard heaps

Class rating:
Flexibility ***
Strength ****
Tone ****
Cardio-vascular fitness *****
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885 0739 
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