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Event Detail For:
Happy Splashers


Organising Group South Waikato Indoor Pools 
Venue South Waikato Indoor Pools, Roslin Street, Tokoroa 
Location (Town) Tokoroa
recurring Event This is a Weekly event and occurs every 1 week(s) on the following weekdays: Monday Wednesday Friday
There is no end date set for this recurring event. Assume the event will be ongoing until further notice.  
Start Time 9:00 AM 
End Time 10:00 AM  Is this an approximate end time: No
Cost Pool entry applies 
Event Information For people who:
Enjoy others company
Want to live longer
Like to stay in shape
Want to increase their flexibility
Like a party now and then
Will teach Richard a thing or two

Class rating:
Flexibility ****
Strength ***
Cardio-vascular fitness ***
Contact Details Counter 885 0739 
Contact Email No email contact listed